ALLSHORE Orthopedic
offers both Physical and
Occupational Therapy services. Our
Occupational Therapist is a Certified Hand
Therapist treating primarily hand and upper
extremity problems. We also offer orthodic
evaluations and fittings, splint fabrication and
fittings, running and gait analysis, as well as consultations regarding training for various sports and
activities for both men and women. These include tennis, golf, soccer, distance running, baseball,
football, basketball, skiing and weight training, Our equipment is the Quantum line of products, free
weights, agility and plyometric stations as well as bikes and treadmills. We can also provide
whirlpool for arms and legs, a full spectrum of modalities including utlrasound, electrical stimulation,
ice, heat, and paraffin bath. Our therapists are also proficient with mobilization and soft tissue
techniques as well as manual strengthening and flexibility exercises. Most all patients receive an
individualized home exercise program to supplement their treatment program. We also provide the
patient with education and instruction regarding their diagnosis and their rehabilitative potential.
We are a Medicare certified facility.
We will work with all insurance companies